Business Help System 24H is
the MOST expected WORK SYSTEM
supporting SoftMarketing.
BHS24 is developed by the best
experts in the industry
who share their
knowledge and experience with YOU ...
... YOU could get rid of all CHALLENGES
and calmly fulfill YOUR DREAMS.
If you have challenges with ...
- You are new to this industry and do not know where to start
- you wonder if you can handle it and whether this business is FOR YOU
- you have limited time for activities
- you don't know how to build an organization
- Your sponsor is unavailable or there is no time for you
- you have a problem with a small number of contacts
- you can't attract a customer or business partner
- you can't deal with the objections of the people you meet
- you don't know how to lead a new partner to be productive
- you have people in your organization, but they don't get involved
This system is
exactly FOR YOU
If you would like to have ...
- business generating passive and unlimited revenues
- an international organization even when you don't know foreign languages
- a system that will guide you step by step into this business
- support for yourself and team members 24/7
- a virtual sponsor with the knowledge of the best experts
- access to the latest IT solutions related to obtaining prospectuses
- libraries with training and motivational materials
This system is
just FOR YOU
Acquisition - Recruitment
Conviction - Follow Up
Implementation - NMO
Involvement - Action
Contact list
The basis is your Contact List, where you enter,
calibrate, organize, monitor the progress and extent
of knowledge viewed by people who get on your list.
You can enter them yourself, or you can use intelligent
landing pages to acquire new contacts.
This is your endless list.
Video pages
Two systems for acquiring partners / clients
and working with them.
Lasso Type - acquiring partners / clients on the
"cold market" through landing pages thematically
adapted to a specific group recipients.
Laser Type - acquiring partners / clients on a
"warm market" by sending video materials on various
subjects to a specific person from your contact list
with the option to view their activity.
Research shows that as many as 80% of prospects despite
that it perfectly matches the profile of the future partner or
customer makes a decision up to 24 months from the first
contact with the offer.
That is why we decided to take care of this process of
'maturing' using the achievements of psychology and
strongly accelerate it
Specially prepared materials break up the objections
in five areas:
- Can I handle it?
- Is the industry right?
- Can the company be trusted?
- Are the products working?
- What should I do, step by step
A 30 step process
Each industry has its own rules. The biggest challenge in
our industry is the small degree of duplication caused by
the effect of a deaf phone, that is bad, incomplete or
incorrect information transmission to new partners.
That is why we have prepared the implementation process
by providing the necessary knowledge without interference.
Specially prepared materials in 30 steps allow you to get
to know and understand the industry
- How does the industry, company and products work?
- Fundamentals of marketing plan, strategies
- What actions to take and in what order
- How to use tools
Tools to facilitate operations
Even the best mechanic will not unscrew the wheel in a car without
a wheel wrench. The uniqueness of our industry is, or at least
should be the rule -a very large group of people do very little.
For the theory to be a practice, our work system is based not only
on knowledge, but first and foremost on actions using effective tools.
- constantly updated library of recordings
- workouts, advice
- motivation
- promotional campaigns
- news, recognition
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We cordially invite you and wish you many successes in business
and joy of using our tools